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Attendee Feedback
"The best management seminar I have attended."

Ruth Liedle
NE Department of Labor
Lincoln, NE

"Outstanding! I have been taking supervisory & management courses for 35 years and this was one of, if not the best I have ever attended."

Tom Belan
Hastings Utilities
Hastings, NE

"I have attended two other seminars for management & supervision - both have been highly disappointing and a waste of company money. Therefore I was reluctant to attend Glenn's seminar. I am very pleased with the factual content that can be used."

Kelli Laurence
Marhsall Engines
Kearney, NE

"The information you shared is extremely applicable, highly practical and so exceedingly essential for effective business management on all fronts. I would have regretted missing any of what you shared. Thank you for your investment in my success!"

Lindsay Schuntz
Nebraska Firefighters Museum & Education Center
Kearney, NE

"25 years of management seminars and this was more than worth the time!"

Nathan Bland
Atlas Terminal Company
Evansville, IN

"I manage a small 30 employee plant in a rural area and have been using Glenn's material for 2 years now. I'm proud to say that the last 2 years have been the best of my career. We actually made it 13 consecutive months without terminating or have anyone quit which is a record for us. With Glenn's help we have now become the employer of choice in this area and the safest, most efficient plant in our company. Thanks Glenn and team for all your help!"
Randy Jameson
Adorn LLC
Elkhart, IN

"Our staff was 'made' to attend one of Glenn Shepard's seminars a few years back in Shipshewana, IN. I was not looking for to 'another' seminar. I was honestly seminared out!! BUT, as I was sitting in my chair at the seminar and when Glenn started, I was immediately attentive to what Glenn was saying. He was energetic, down to earth. The reason why I say 'down to earth' is because I have been to a lot of seminars and most of them I felt detached from the speaker. I was not with Glenn. The staff talked for days after the seminar was over. We were all excited to bring back the positive energy and new ideas Glenn set in our minds.
                I have "Glenn Shepard's Rules of Work" poster that I received from that seminar on my front office door. I LOVE this poster and I abide by it!!"

Dana Van Auken
Angola Housing Authority
Angola, IN

"I attended Glenn's seminar at the Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce. Before attending, I was at the end of my rope dealing with office problems on what seemed like a daily basis. After, I had a whole new outlook on how I handled office situations. I used two of Glenn's methods the very next day! Today our office is back on track and my stress level has been greatly reduced!"
Julie Watkins
McDaniel Family Eye Care
Shelbyville, IN

"The best leadership seminar I've ever been to. Can't wait to begin using these new skills!"

Brandie Swanson
Hospice Compass
Bloomington, IL

"I gained enough helpful tools in the first half hour to make the entire seminar worthwhile!"

Pam McGowen
Kirlin, Egan, and Butler Funeral Home
Springfield, IL

"Wonderful and Fabulous!"

Nancy Zukowski
Zukowski Law Office
Peru, IL

"One of the best seminars I've attended in 25 years!"

Suzanne Daniels
Bloomington Public Schools
Bloomington, IL

"Third time I've seen Glenn. Outstanding!"

Jacqueline Doud
Kankakee County Title Company
Kankakee, IL

I own a small solid waste removal business. A few years ago I was frustrated with employee turnover. About that time I received an advertisement that Glenn would be in my area and I went to the seminar. I applied his principles and my turnover rate has dramatically decreased.

Tony Lee 
Leeís Trash Service 
Russellville, AR 

I'm a pastor and 99% of the time all is well, but on occasion I need clarification . The thing that has helped me most from Glenn Shepard's seminar has to do with the confrontation of difficult individuals by simply asking them, "And exactly what did you mean by that comment?" Glenn helped me see that it was well within the scope of my position and power to ask for meaning from mystic musings woven into seemingly innocent conversation. It has been a real eye-opener. 

Stefan Eubanks 
Calvary Baptist Church 
Batesville, AR 

This was the best seminar I've attended!   

Greg Hatley 
Union Bank 
Warren, AR

I'm a Glenn Shepard fan. I heard about his seminar through co-workers who attended at the Bedford Chamber of Commerce. I ordered two autographed copies of Glenn's Rules of Work poster and gave one to my daughter to hang in her office. I have adopted Glenn's Rules of Work because I'm sick and tired of this "sense of entitlement". Keep up the good work Glenn!

Captain Steve Gilbert
Bedford Police Dept
Bedford, IN

This seminar was so much more than I expected. Every area of management that I struggle with was covered. I would recommend this seminar to everyone who is in management!

Christina Mann
Harry's Main Street Grille
Westminster, MD

Iíve been to several management seminars but never been to one that actually tells you what to say and do about your problem employees.  A must go seminar.

W. Hansen Roberts
Battle House Hotel and Spa
Mobile, AL
I was asked to replace another employee who was not able to make the seminar.  My first thoughts were another boring seminar.  To my surprise it was nothing like an ordinary seminar.  At  break I called my supervisor to thank her for sending me to this seminar.  

Annie Crenshaw
Mobile, AL  
Best seminar I have ever been to as an HR Manager.

Mark Stevens
Gullo Ford
Conroe, TX
Glenn, you have made me take the power back!  My employees have me tied around their little fingers.  Iím ready to be more assertive.

Camden Blumenschein
Dunkin Donuts
Stow, OH

I learned more in Glenn's seminar than in 10 years as a supervisor.

Rosemary Galayda
Lake Country Prosecutor
Painesville, OH

Glenn gave me tools and tips that I could use that afternoon when I returned to work. He also helped me identify what kind of manager I am which will help me idenitfy where I can grow.

Tobie Palmer
Glenwood Hot Springs
Glenwood, CO

I've gone to many seminars, but in my 35+ years in banking, Glenn's seminar taught me more than I learned in the past. I only wish all of my managers could have attended.  

Dyan Harden
Texas First Bank
Galveston, TX

In over 30 years in management and 20 years in the Navy, Glenn taught me better than any other.

David Boss
Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation
Decorah, IA

I've attended this seminar three times and each time I learn something new! I also receive Glennís weekly e-newsletters and they are invaluable. I sometimes forward them to my son, who is at West Point. Hope to see you again next year.

Carla Merritt
Hays Caldwell Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse
San Marcos, TX

In an industry where 125% turnover of managers is average and 200% turnover of hourly employees is considered excellent, for the past three years our turnover has been 185% for hourly and 50% for managers, thanks to Glenn.  

Ken and Shelly Clark
Subway franchisees
Horseheads, NY

I originally went to Glenn's seminar as a last minute add-on. Since that time, Iíve attended a couple of seminars by 'nationally known providers" of management training where I was subjected to patronizing catchphrases that left me looking at my watch.  Glenn's seminar is the gold standard by which I judge all other management training. Nothing else has even come close. It's immediately useful, applicable, important information and because of it, I now have a true A-team group that makes coming to work every day enjoyable again.  

Milton L. Campbell
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
Oklahoma City, OK





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