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"Dear Glenn"
Dear Glenn,     

     I got the restaurant manager position. I said what you told me to say. Once I said that, the interviewer said "I don't need to ask you any more questions. You've got the job." Excellent !!
      The pay raise is awesome - $10,000.00! Thank you again for everything.

Heather Lee
Cedar Rapids Marriott
Cedar Rapids, IA 
Dear Glenn,

      I was starting to see a real rut come over my staff of five. No matter what I tried, I could not motivate them to display more interest and enthusiasm with the general public that we serve. I could see that they were just going thru the motions.
      Then I passed out your column on "Your Raise Will Become Effective When You Become More Effective". I wanted to make the point that every customer they assist is an opportunity to stand out and be noticed by that customer, the boss, and THEMSELVES. That every organization is seeking star performers that go the extra mile and in harder times, companies can't afford to keep the employees that only ‘meet expectations’.
     Thanks to you, NOW they get it!

Eliza Valle, Manager
Taxpayer Assistance Dept.
San Benito, TX



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