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President & CEO
Glenn Shepard Seminars, Inc.


Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville. Let me tell you about the impact you have had on this medical practice. Iíve been in the workforce for many years and have been to umpteen seminars. Then I discovered youÖ someone who thinks like me, has my work ethic, and acknowledges the entitlement mentality of today's employees. You have answers -- real, workable answers, not just theories that donít work in the real world.      
     I got my boss hooked on you and even a couple of the physicians on the Board. Now THAT makes a difference! My boss even has been known to ask "Has Glenn written anything on that?" when we encounter a new dilemma. (Getting doctors to treat a practice like a business is difficult under the best circumstances).       Remember the old commercial "When EF Hutton speaks, people listen"? When I mention Glenn Shepard, people listen.

Candace Dombrosky 
Athens Pulmonary & Allergy 
Athens, GA

Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at the University of Wisconsin and have used your "Anger Curve" on more occasions than I can count - at work and at home. The concept is critical when we are working with the wide range of people we deal with.
     From the Incarcerated to the General Public, from Co-Workers to other agencies, from Employees to Supervisors; your chart helps to remember that emotions play a critical role in our reactions to a particular situation.
     Acting at the wrong time helps no one, and often times creates more problems. Thank you for the training and use of your information!

Jason Jost
Jail Administrator
Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office
Manitowoc, WI

Dear Glenn,

    I attended your seminar at the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce. The most empowering statement I learned and have practiced repeatedly is your "5 Magic Words".
    It has taken some by surprise and has made the culprit have to dig deep to explain their words or actions. This phrase, when stated unemotionally but firmly, can turn almost any situation around.
    Thank you for such a simple but powerful statement which yields incredible results!

Mary K. McReynolds
Area Manager
Burger King
Kingsport, TN

Dear Glenn,

     I had the opportunity to see Gary Molberg, President of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, at the chamber BBQ, and was telling him how important it is to a small business guy all the events he creates for our community. That lead to a very specific conversation that I am most appreciative of when he brought in your seminar. The seminar involved how to manage staff that has a wide variety of age differences.
      I was explaining to Gary that in the past 3 years, I've had a complete turnover every 6 months until this last year, and four actual rehires, which has been hard on business. This last time I hired two young men in the 25 year old group and always very unsuccessful in the past.
     Since your very positive input on how these guys think, work and are communicated with, I have the best staff I've had in years. I explained to Gary how important it is for small businesses to have these kinds of seminars brought to Amarillo.      

     If he brings you back for another round, I fully expect to be there! I have always been a huge fan of Zig Zigler and you do as good a job and maybe better from a manager/owner's perspective. I really feel it made a positive and productive impact on my business.

Ken McCartney
Ingrams Flooring
Amarillo, TX

Dear Glenn,

      I was starting to see a real rut come over my staff of five. No matter what I tried, I could not motivate them to display more interest and enthusiasm with the general public that we serve. I could see that they were just going thru the motions.
      Then I passed out your column on "Your Raise Will Become Effective When You Become More Effective". I wanted to make the point that every customer they assist is an opportunity to stand out and be noticed by that customer, the boss, and THEMSELVES. That every organization is seeking star performers that go the extra mile and in harder times, companies can't afford to keep the employees that only Ďmeet expectationsí. Thanks to you, NOW they get it!

Eliza Valle
Taxpayer Assistance Department
San Benito, TX

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