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Today I opened up an email from my friend and colleague Glenn Shepard www.glennshepardjobs.com. Another gift from Glenn. How cool to have a resource like this and it's free. This is just one of the ways in which Glenn had made a positive impact on the association management industry.
I have been fortunate enough to have partnered with Glenn for three of his seminars, have enjoyed several of his books (only the English versions) I have his posters and quotes all over my office and I recently purchased his latest program, "Assertiveness Skills for Managers"
Glenn is truly a man of action and caring for that I say "Thank you Brother!"

David Hinderliter
President & CEO
Chicago Southland Chamber
Homewood, IL




Glenn has been to our community several times and each time, his seminar is packed! People who have seen him once, always look forward to seeing him time and time again. Glenn not only provides a wealth of useful information for people in all areas of their careers, he is incredibly inspiring, funny and motivational! Just by reading Glenn's weekly newsletter, he makes me want to be a better person, personally and professionally.

Erica Woodbury
Huron Chamber of Commerce & CVB
Huron, SD



During a time in my career when I needed professional advice and a trusted friend, Glenn was consistently there for me. He helped me keep my confidence and ultimately supported my efforts to land my current position, which I love! Glenn is as genuine as they come and I consider him a life long mentor.

Jeff Griffin
President & CEO
Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce
Peoria, IL



The San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce has hosted two Glenn Shepard Seminars in the past three years, and the quality of the content, the manner in which Glenn presents the information and the interaction between attendees and Glenn are just a few of the reasons why he has become a favorite in our Chamber. We all know that there are self-proclaimed experts who talk about business and growth, but Glenn's life experiences, his understanding of dealing with employee/employer issues and his impeccable reputation are ingredients that make us want to keep bringing him back.

Brian Bondy
President & CEO
San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce
San Marcos, TX



In my five years as the Executive Director of the Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce in Indiana, I have had the privilege and honor of hosting Glenn Shepard three times. Out of all the programs that our Chamber presents throughout the year, the one that receives the most complements come from those in attendance at our Glenn Shepard Seminars. Glenn makes me look like a hero to those who attend.

As a side note, there is no other person that I have dealt with who is so in tune with the Chamber profession and is a friend. While attending the ACCE Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2014, Glenn went above and beyond to introduce me to people in the Chamber world from across the United States. Those are connections I would not have made if not for Glenn Shepard.

Glenn's enthusiasm and his newsletter, Work Is Not For Sissies, is something that I look forward to and that rejuvenates me. His ideas of giving back to those in need and his passion for working hard and playing hard are more than we could ever ask for in a person.

Sometimes while Glenn is traveling, my cell phone will ring and it will be Glenn on the other end. Just talking with Glenn reinforces my love for my position and makes me happy that I am in the business. I'm happy also because I can call Glenn Shepard my friend.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also include wife Cindy Shepard and his staff at Glenn Shepard Seminars. If you aren't friends with them, then you are missing out on a wealth of business relationships, caring and passion for success and overall well-being.

The world needs more Glenn Shepards.

Jeff Emsweller
Executive Director
Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce
Greensburg, IN



"Glenn, Thanks so much for your Executive Job Openings list! I found my current position with the Perry Area Chamber of Commerce through your site. After a very detailed interview process, I was offered the job in one of the strongest communities in the area. I am so very blessed to have joined such a solid organization and I owe a debt of gratitude to you!"


Darlene McLendon

President & CEO

Perry Area Chamber of Commerce

Perry, GA



"Glenn, I’m pleased to let you know that I have taken a new position as the President of the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce in Mansfield, Ohio – a position I found on your website! THANK YOU very much for running such a comprehensive website and service. I certainly never would have heard about the position otherwise! "


Jodie Perry

President & CEO

Greece Chamber of Commerce

Greece, NY



"Wow, Glenn, someone is really on top of this since you were notified of my new position before I had a chance to thank you. I don’t even start until March 1. I did find the Siesta Key, Florida Chamber position on the job listing. It is the most comprehensive list I’ve ever seen for the Chamber profession and if it had not been for you, I would have missed the opportunity completely. Thank you for doing this. I know others are taking a look because I’ve had calls to tell me they’ve seen the opening at the Medina Chamber and my new position posted."


Debra Lynn-Schmitz

President & CEO

Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce
Medina, O



"Within the chamber industry, Glenn has set the bar pretty high as a site featuring open positions at chambers of commerce through-out the United States... as well as few chambers outside the U.S. Thank you for providing this excellent free service for chamber/association professionals. I am one of those chamber guys who really appreciate your postings. Today I accepted an offer from the Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce in New Mexico. Had it not been for your postings, it's possible I would have never known this chamber was looking for a new president. Please accept my sincere thanks. Though some state-wide chamber executive associations post jobs within their respective states, many do not. The listing service you provide is a testament to the respect you give our industry."


Scott C. Terry

President & CEO

Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce

Silver City, NM



"I have been a constant consumer of the Glenn Shepard web page listing the many opportunities in chamber employment over the past year. If not for your efforts to keep the "JOB OPENINGS" up to date-I would not have found the Crossville Chamber in need of a new leader and be preparing for a move south. I am certain that there are hundreds of chamber professionals out there who have benefited from your daily updates. While I'm sure you will miss my follow-up notes asking "what do you think about this one?", you have certainly gained my admiration and appreciation for the valuable service you are providing to advance the profession. Please know that you have a friend in Crossville and I'll keep sending updates as I learn of them...my very best regards and THANKS!"


Brad Allamong

President & CEO

Greater Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce

Crossville, TN



"After 21 years in Chamber work, I've seen many job lists but yours is the best. Thanks so much for the help you give to the Chamber world.


Randy Collins

President & CEO

Top of Virginia Regional Chamber

Winchester, VA



"I want to take a few minutes the thank Glenn for helping me in the Chamber world get me to where I want be to in the industry and also how he has helped many others like me get to there also. Glenn is a great person to have in the Chamber world!!!! If you ever need someone to light up a room with discussion about topics that concern your workplace GLENN is the only person you need!"


Tony Doremus

Executive Director

Madison County Chamber of Commerce

Winterset, IA



"After having spent 20+ years leading four chambers and working in economic and community development in three states, I was enticed to leave Chamber World last year for a job with a private sector company. I truly wanted to learn the ins and outs of what it's like to be "in" business. It was one of the most intense and humbling experiences of my life, and at the end of the year, I left the company with a newly-rekindled awareness of the importance of bringing a representative voice to business. Along with that knowledge came the unequivocal realization that Chamber work is in my blood, and where I belong. The first person I contacted to get back "in" to the world of Chamber was Glenn Shepard, as he too shares the passion and importance of Chambers, and is one of the most well-connected industry liaisons I know. Glenn immediately wrote me a letter of recommendation for the position as President of the state Chamber in Tennessee. Since I was in Georgia at the time, he introduced me to Chamber Execs at the Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville chambers, and made every statewide connection possible to help me be successful. On November 12, I was honored to begin the new position that I probably would have never known about had it not been for Glenn. "

Catherine Glover
President & CEO
Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Nashville, TN



"Glenn's site is the only comprehensive place for chamber executives to advance their careers. I have referred to it often as I looked for the next step in my career."

Michael A. Evans
President & CEO
Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce
Naperville, IL



"Thanks Glenn! I was forwarded your site from my hometown's chamber director and would not have gotten this position had it not been for your listing! Thanks again and keep up the good work!"


Marshall Hooks

President & CEO

Blakely-Ea​rly County Chamber of Commerce

Blakely, GA


"Glenn, I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into this site. If not for you and your team I would not have applied for and ended up as the President/CEO of the Manhattan Beach (California)  Chamber of Commerce. I came across your site when searching for chamber positions and after talking with a couple of chambers I found the perfect fit for me.

James O'Callaghan

President & CEO

Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce

Manhattan Beach, CA



"Glenn, I wanted to share the good news that I found a new job through your listing! I will be moving from New York to Oregon to become the President & CEO of the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce. I never would have known about the opening if not for your list, so thank you so much! I really appreciate your putting this together and just wish someone had told me about it sooner. It has been a GREAT resource!"


David A. Kelley, IOM


North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce

Milwaukie, OR



"I was happy at the Beatrice, NE chamber, but needed to be closer to my aging parents in Norfolk, NE. I found out about the opening in South Sioux City from Glenn’s website, interviewed and got the job. The AMAZING part is that he lives nearly 1,000 miles away in Nashville, and knew about the opening in Nebraska before anyone in Nebraska did. Thanks Glenn!! "


Lori Warner, IOM


South Sioux City Area Chamber of Commerce

South Sioux City, NE

"I would not have known about the job I just got hired for if it were not for Glenn's website. Thank you for doing this for the chamber industry Glenn!!!"


Melissa Cook, IOM


Lamar County Chamber of Commerce

Paris, TX



"I was VP of Communications at the Naples, Florida chamber when I got hired as the new Executive Director of the Williston, North Dakota chamber. If it were not for Glenn Shepard, I would not have even known about the position. And if it were not for his encouragement, I may not have even applied. THANK YOU Glenn for everything you do for chamber executives!"


Marci Seamples

Executive Director

Williston Area Chamber of Commerce

Williston, ND



"I was with a South Carolina chamber when I started receiving Glenn's monthly updates on chamber exec openings. I was hired by a much larger chamber in Georgia, and would not have known about the opening if it weren't for his work. I don't know why no one else ever did this, but my family and I sure are grateful Glenn did!"


Chris Hardy


Albany Area Chamber of Commerce

Albany, GA


"Glenn, I wanted to take a minute of your day to say a BIG thank you. You helped my family by giving a wonderful car to my son. Now it is my turn to pay it forward. We have a young lady in the community that as been diagnosed with cancer. Our great businesses here in North Myrtle Beach are working hard to raise money for her care. I feel that it is time for me to pay it forward. I am working hard to help them and it is all because of you. Thank you for teaching me how GREAT people are. You are always in my heart."


Vicki Keibler

North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce

North Myrtle Beach, SC



"After our visitors center and Chamber office were severely damaged by fire, I sent a request to Glenn Shepard’s office for another copy of his “Rules of Work” and “Rules of Customer Service” posters that were hanging in my office before the fire. Everyone enjoyed the posters when visiting and asked me many times where I had gotten them. Not only did Glenn send me new posters at no charge, but also a great picture of “If you'd wear it to the state fair, don't wear it to work!” He even autographed them for me. THANK YOU so much Glenn! We love you in northwest Arkansas."


Ginger Oaks

Berryville Chamber of Commerce

Berryville, AR








P.O. Box 210559

Nashville, TN 37221 www.glennshepard.com






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