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This service is provided for chamber professionals because I strongly in these principles:

1. Servant Leadership
2. Gratitude
3. Paying It Forward
4. Practicing what You Preach

There is no charge for you to use this service. However, it is extremely expensive and far more time consuming to maintain than most people would ever imagine. We know that thousands of chamber execs open the monthly email and look at new openings (thanks to data from Constant Contact), but we rarely hear from most unless they want more info on a position.

Whether or not you're actively looking, let us know if you find this service useful. (If not, I'm wasting thousands of dollars every year for nothing.)

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1. The fact that a position is listed does not mean there is an active search. It only indicates that we have received notice that a chamber exec is leaving.


2. Unless otherwise noted, the standard term "stepped down" is used regarding a chamber exec's departure.


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